Sunday, April 15, 2012

Never too Old for Track & Field

This picture of Lamar & I was taken on Friday, 4/13/2012 after my track workout.  [I'm the one in the Chicago Bears shirt.]

A young lady named Megan who was doing some sprint workouts on the track was inspired seeing us "older" people working hard on the track.  She took the picture and tweeted it to her blog followers. Megan is a fitness trainer and I am now following her blog

Megan's tweet was entitled "Not too old for track work"  hash tag #Inspired.

That day, Lamar & I did 2 sets of 3x200 Meters.  I did all of them except the last 2 in 33 seconds or below.  The recovery period between 200's was 3 minutes.  The recovery period between sets was 6 minutes.

After the sprints, we did various types of situps using the 6 pound medicine ball.  Then we ran up the stadium steps.

By the way, my track training partners keep telling me that I've lost weight.  Compare this picture with others on my blog and they're probably right!

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