Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Track Meet Results: 400 Meters

On Saturday April 7th, I ran the 400 Meters and the 200 Meters in that order.

My goal was to run the 400 Meters in 65 seconds or below.  Here is a video of the race (I'm in Lane #3 in the Maroon shirt):

There was a serious headwind on the backstretch which seemed to slow me down.  Also, my plan was to pump my arms to speed up my legs on the last 150 meters.  With 100 meters left to go, all I could tell myself was maintain this speed, don't slow down!

I ended up running it in 67.2 seconds.  That is my personal best in Masters Track by almost 2 seconds, but it wasn't my goal.

So that means I need to train harder by running faster intervals in practice!

Of course, from a weight loss perspective...I don't even focus on that!  My focus is on getting better/faster in my events.  Now my training partners keep telling me that I've lost weight!  I guess one of these days I'll find a scale & weigh myself!  LOL!


  1. Rob, I can really really see how much weight you have lost over the last year since I started running with you! You look incredible! Keep up the good work and HARD work you put into your training! When I go to practice and if I have missed a practice or two I can really see the difference in your weight loss.

    1. Thanks Lulu! The awesome thing about Masters Track is the encouragement from others!

      There are probably other sports out there where you can get constant encouragement, but with Masters track, everyone is encouraging & working toward the common goal of getting better. Weight loss is an afterthought, if even a thought at all!