Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy? Get a Quick Workout In!

I've got an extremely busy day today preparing for my daughter's symphony debut of her original composition.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get my track workout in tomorrow, so I got an intense workout in at the gym!  This entire workout took only 30 minutes!

In order to complement my track workouts, all of my gym workouts are heavy on plyometrics (jumping) and include a core component.

After warm-up, I did 4 stations, 5 minutes per station.  The goal is to do the maximum amount of supersets per station in 5 minutes.  Here's the workout:


  • 0.5 Miles on the treadmill
  • Dynamic stretching (leg swings, etc.)

Station #1:  5 sets of 50 jump rope.  Odd sets jump with both feet, even sets alternating one foot jumps

Station #2:  Did 3 Supersets: 1-leg stiff leg deadlifts with 30 pound dumbbell (10 reps on each leg), 10 bent over lateral raises

Station #3:  Did 3.5 sets of Inverted rows, 3 sets of fish tails (fish tails are similar to this, except I jump from side to side while in push-up position)

Station #4:   Elevated side plank dumbbell reach with an 8 lb dumbbell.  1 set = 10 reps on each hand (note: it's similar to this exercise on youtube, except I'm elevated b/w 2 benches); supersetted with 20 bench jumps.  I did 3 supersets in 5 minutes!

And that's it!  30 Minutes!

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