Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Simple Steps to Success in Losing My 1st 30 Pounds!

When I started Phase #1 of my Weight Loss as discussed in a previous post, I did not write these steps down.  They just happened.  Here they are:

Step #1:  Know your “Why”.  My “Why” was to be healthy for my family.  When you have a “Why” then when struggles occur, you can persevere through it!

Step #2:  Accountability.  My daughter had a blast with this one.  I’d look at the ingredients & she would look too.  She loved pointing out to me when something had sugar or HFCS in it so I wouldn’t buy it.

Step #3:  Stick-to-itiveness.  This goes with the 1st step.  This one started getting easier for me after 6 weeks when I felt so good, I kept going.  I actually noticed that my clothes were starting to get too big!  I was “like” “hey, this is working!”

Remember, in losing my first 30 pounds I did not:
  • Exercise
  • Count calories
  • Go on any name brand diets
  • Have any medical procedures (HCG injections, surgery, etc.)
  • Take any pills or supplements
  • Drink any weight loss drinks
  • Have any diet drinks
  • Do weigh-ins
  • Keep a journal (not saying that you don’t have to, it was just something else for me to do)

You could almost say that I ate my way to weight loss! LOL!

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