Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Sumo Weight Loss: There's Hope!

What is significant about this blog?  Well, I started losing weight without going on a “guru diet”, popping diet pills, drinking “potions,” having surgery, getting injected, counting calories, keeping a diary, performing constant weigh-ins, or even…wait for it…exercise!

Why this blog?  Because I’m always getting compliments about how I look and about keeping the weight off, and people who know how I did it always say I lost weight the right way (and stress free), and I wanted to share my story!

USA Track & Field Southwest Master's Championships, July, 2011

After a Track Workout on March 3, 2012

So stay tuned and keep reading this blog to find out how I got rid of the Sumo weight & how I kept it off!  If I can do it, my hope is that you can too!

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