Monday, February 13, 2012

I Considered Myself to be the "Average Person"

I had thought about losing weight for a long time.   When it came to weight loss, I considered myself to be “the average person.”

Here’s what I mean:  Every new years, as a resolution, I wanted to lose weight.   I thought the way to do it would be to exercise.  But then, I’d have to join the gym.  Either that wasn’t in the budget, or I didn’t want to “waste” $ where I’d be gun-ho for a couple of weeks & that’s it.

There were sometimes that I did exercise a little bit, but I’d get tired too easy and would stop.  I really didn’t know what I was doing anyway.

I considered myself a “busy person.”  I didn’t think I had time to go to a gym.  I heard somewhere  that  I heard that the key to losing weight was to reduce the calories you ate per day. Well, I wasn’t the type of person that would track the amount of calories I ate per meal, because to me it would take up too much time, plus I’d starve, and on top of that I had no idea how much was too much!  

I watched the “Biggest Loser” on tv and thought – oh I could try to lose weight like them.  So I went to the website and to get their  weight loss program, it cost money…and that turned me off.

I also knew people who went on all sorts of diets: some did the no-carb/low carb diet, others did that beach diet, etc.  All of them lost weight, but eventually they gained more back.

I even knew some people that did the HCG injection diet.  They lost like 40 or 50 pounds.  Then they gained it all back, plus.

I also heard of the master cleanse diet.  But those that I knew that tried it basically starved themselves.  Alll they had was lemon juice and maple syrup - maybe a few other stuff.  To me, that was some type of "shock" treatment diet.  It wasn't something that lasted though.

So the bottom line is that I thought of weight loss as literally a gigantic mountain (pun intended): thinking it would be some type of combination of starvation, lots of exercise, detailed diary, constant weigh-ins, counting calories, etc., etc.  I far as I was concerned I didn’t have the time, the budget, or the patience – and that’s if I even knew what I was doing!

I always thought that losing weight can’t be that complicated or overwhelming!  I wanted a method that would be simple, keep my weight down, and thus have a healthy lifestyle.  I came across this method that still allows me to eat delicious food.  I've lost over 80 pounds and in some of the best physical condition in my life!  So I’m going to share with you what I did & how it worked for me!

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