Thursday, March 29, 2012

#1 Tip for Faster Weight Loss

Well, here it is!  My #1 tip I found for faster weight loss: weight lifting!  Why, because weight lifting sped up my metabolism.   I also combined weight lifting with a cardio component, which I’ll discuss in a future post.

There are numerous articles on the internet that talk about this.  Here's one article that provides an overview about weightlifting for weight loss.

Here is an excellent article that talks about how weightlifting helps you lose body fat, and alters your body composition.  Note:  This applies to men & women!

The Role of Eating Habits in Weight Loss 

Have you seen any of those exercise infomercials?  Every single one of them has some type of diet plan or eating habits plan in addition to the workout.  Why, because they know that if there’s no control in your eating, you won’t lose the weight.

Looking back, I see that’s what happened with me – my eating habits were conducive to losing weight! [Duh! I already lost 30 pounds before exercising! LOL!]

So that is my advice to you.  Make sure your eating habits are conducive to losing weight.   Otherwise you may experience the yo-yo effect (lose weight/gain it back). 
My hope is that you would see similar results if you do what I did.  Alec Baldwin avoided sugar and started exercising & he saw similar results!

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