Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breakfast of Champions!

Well, okay, maybe not.

But I decided to "earn" this breakfast by having an intense workout this morning.  Now, I'm in Phase #3 of my weight loss.  So I don't workout to lose weight - strange as that may sound to some.  I workout for a purpose.

And now, my purpose for workouts is to build/enhance power and explosion.  I'm jumping ahead of myself, the nuts and bolts of that statement will be discussed when I get to Phase #3 in the blog.

My workout lasted about 45 minutes.  I think I do what some call "interval training."

My workout consisted of a warm up, then 5 stations where I perform "supersets."  A superset is where I do 1 exercise immediately followed by another.

I allocate 5 minutes per station.  The goal is to do as many supersets in 5 minutes as possible, with the goal being 3 sets minimum per station.  When the 5 minutes are up, I take about a 15 second break or so and go to the next station.

Here was the workout:

  • Warm-up:  1/2 mile on the treadmill in about 4 minutes, followed by stretching, then into supersets described below.
  • Station #1:  Jump rope (5 sets of 50) supersetted with 5 sets of 20 situps.  On even sets of jump rope, jump on 1 leg, alternating legs on every 10 jumps.
  • Station #2:  Stiff Leg Deadlifts supersetted with alternating lunges (I did these while holding a 25 lb weight)
  • Station #3:  Bicep curls supersetted with tricep curls with a curl bar (I actually added this at the last minute because my next station was being used at the time
  • Station #4:  Inverted rows (I did this one resting my feet on a bench) supersetted with fishtails.  Fishtails: remain in the push-up position and jump your legs from side to side, 10x each side = 1 set.
  • Station #5:  Burpees.  I was only able to do 2 sets in 5 minutes.
  • Station #6:  Elevated side plank dumbbell reach (note: it's similar to this exercise on youtube, except I'm elevated b/w 2 benches); supersetted with bench jumps.  I was only able to do 2 sets in 5 minutes.
  • Cool down with stretching.
And here is my breakfast reward:

Steak (left over from yesterday's dinner), herb scrambled eggs (seasoned with basil & pepper) cooked in extra virgin olive oil, and orange slices!  Yum!!


  1. Blogging or to record about your fitness and diet will keep you going. I must give u a compliment for this effort. I blog about my 10-days juice diet challenge but so ashamed to quit it before the 10 days over :D Maybe I can follow ur strong will determination. What keep u going other than blogging your journey. Best of luck to u.


    1. Thanks Honeybee. Knowing that I've encouraged someone makes me want to keep writing more!

      What keeps me going is something I will talk about in Phase #3 of my weight loss. I hope to get to that soon.

      I'd say a key thing is you get confidence when you see results. So keep at it!