Friday, March 2, 2012

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) = Bad!

When I started Phase #1 of my weight loss, I didn't know about the dangers of HFCS.  I just knew it was bad for you.

HFCS is a man-made sweetener made from corn and is 6x sweeter than cane sugar.  There are all kinds of detailed explanations about HFCS.  All I know is that it is found in the majority of the items that we consume on a daily basis.  [See some subsequent posts for examples.]

The other thing is that when you consume something with HFCS in it, your brain doesn't get a signal that you're full.  So as a result, you just eat and eat and eat.  You also feel hungry at times when you shouldn't be!  So you keep eating!  All of this helps explains how I got to my sumo weight!

By the way, one thing I forgot to mention was that at my sumo weight, I felt bloated and/or constipated after eating.  I hope that's not TMI! LOL!

Here's a good article about HFCS.  Here's a study conducted by Princeton on the dangers of HFCS.

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